How a classroom video led to a full scale cricket farm

Crickets being raised at Iowa Cricket Farmer

Courtesy www.dsmreg.com

Founded in America’s heartland, Iowa Cricket Farmer is one of the first companies in the United States raising crickets for human consumption.

Iowa Cricket Farmer has quickly become an industry leader by providing high-quality, organically grown crickets to manufacturers throughout the United States looking for a more green protein alternative to beef and pork.

Each cricket is fed a special diet and is given special water to ensure a high-protein, organic source of protein for consumers. The crickets are raised on a diet of greens and are given purified water that has run through reverse osmosis. Iowa Cricket Farmer takes care to closely monitor the temperature and humidity at their facility located in Keystone, Iowa. Currently the crickets outnumber the town’s residents 100 to 1.

Owner Becky Herman also teaches social studies at a local high school. It was at school where the idea for raising crickets came from. Herman had been watching videos with her class about people raising and eating crickets. After watching the video over and over and over with different sections of her class, by the end of the day the foundation of Iowa Cricket Farmer was born.

Iowa Cricket Farmer operations

Today, Iowa Cricket Farmer raises hundreds of thousands of crickets in an abandonedOwners of Iowa Cricket Farmer restaurant that has been painted bright blue and green on the outside.
The business is owned by Herman and her husband, Jason Herman and the couple’s friend Jared Van Hamme. Iowa Cricket Farmer was selected by Iowa Women Lead Change as one of the 2016 Invest In SHE award winners.