Frequently asked questions about crickets

What do crickets eat?

Our crickets are fed a diet of green plants and vegetables.

Are the crickets kept in an aquarium?

The crickets grow in large drums filled with paper egg cartons. This allows them the opportunity to move around frIowa Cricket Farmer bins of food grade cricketseely while they mature.

What do crickets taste like?

Chicken! Not really.  Crickets taste different based on their diet.

How do you harvest the crickets?

When the crickets are ready to be sent to our customers across the U.S. the drums are put into a large refrigeration area.  This causes the crickets to become dormant so they can be frozen and sent to our clients.

Why crickets?

Although crickets are eaten by millions of people across the globe, it wasn't until recently that crickets gained popularity within the U.S. Crickets can be grown using a fraction of the resources required to grow beef, pork and chicken.  Crickets are a healthy alternative to other protein sources.  They are low in fat, have all 9 essential amino acids, and are low in carbs.