Growing crickets in America’s Heartland one pinhead at a timePinhead pin head crickets being raised at Iowa Cricket Farmer in Keystone Iowa

It has been an exciting year at Iowa Cricket Farmer. We have kept busy growing crickets for several manufacturers, speaking to groups on the benefits of cricket consumption, and being featured in multiple television and radio interviews. You can see many of the stories we were featured in here.

We often have people who want to a behind the scenes tour of our facility. We are currently working on several options to be able to do just that. We just have to make sure to protect our growing crickets from pesticideChapul protein bar manufactured with crickets as a protein sources that could be tracked into the facility.

We did want to give you a sneak peak though of some of what goes on behind the scenes. We shot this video the other day at our farm in Keystone, Iowa. The little black dots that you will see in the video and the photograph above are called “pin heads.” One glance and you will understand where they got their name.  

The video shows one tube of pinheads that were harvested from a single day of egg laying. This tube is just one of
the 23 tubes of pin heads that we collect each a day.

Each pin head will grow to full size cricket over the next several weeks. Once the crickets reach maturity, they will be shipped to manufacturers across the U.S. where they will be used to make snacks, cricket flour, and protein bars. Many will be sent to Chapul in California. Chapul one of the largest manufacturers of snacks using crickets as protein.